Great Daemeric Era The Post Blackout period

The Post Blackout The Post Blackout The Post Blackout









Great Daemeric Era & The Post Blackout period

For a long time people tried to understand what was inside the plasma dome and what secrets could be stored there... Or even what kind of creatures. As a result, a small group of the best scientists on the planet decided to enter this dome, and what they saw amazed them. The secrets of the creation of the Universe were kept inside the dome,


In the far-away year of 2177, scientists discovered an extremely mysterious artifact at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. However, there was a powerful release of dark energy as soon as they pulled this find to land. A strange dome appeared in place of the formed crate; the dome consisted of the rarest plasma, which is found only in the most remote locations of the Universe. And humanity froze in anticipation of what might happen next. Is this contact with an extraterrestrial civilization?


literally its entire history at a glance. It was challenging to cope with such an array of data. Yet, the team of scientists managed to transfer records about the main stages of the development of the early Universe to the outside. Still, it was already impossible for them to get out themselves because of the enormous gravity. This is where all the gates to the truth open - literally the answers to all the most exciting questions. Where are we from? Who created us? What happened after the Big Bang, and was there any at all? Well, read on, and you will touch the truth times of the first beings in the Universe, the oldest civilization. Looking ahead, we would like to say that now we know, from the data we have received, that the constant temperature in the Universe was, on average, about 17 degrees Celsius after the Big Bang. It was almost like an endless summer with a comfortable temperature in absolutely all its corners. It was in this era that they lived: Cyberarchangels, Cyberhumans, and Cyberdemons…

There are three guilds:
- Cyberarchangels
- Cyberhumans
- Cyberdemons
Each guild has its own internal rarity system and gender division. A total of 270+ traits is used in our 
collection and of course drawn from the bottom of our hearts. 

Nimb: white

1.4% rarity

Wings: golden

0.59% rarity

Head: lil_crown

1.7% rarity

Ears: triple_six

2.5% rarity

Hands: two_pistols

8.2% rarity


0.1% rarity
Phase I [Sunder] [pre-launch phase]
Pre-Launch raffles, daily discord 

Cross giveaways with other projects 
on Solana

Illustration art contest

Discord invite contest

Presale launch with 25% 
discount (1,000 NFTs reserved) 
Phase II [Phelistalium] [45% sold]
Listing on Solanart, DigitalEyes

After-launch raffles

Community wallet 5% from funds for future 

Official merch store with worldwide

Integration with
Phase III [Aesthesia Maxima] [100% sold]
Marketplace for projects on Solana 
(perks for SolBusters holders)

Exclusive free drops for Solbusters holders

Long-term expansion
What is SolBusters? ROW

A collection of 10,000 NFTs built and living on Solana blockchain. However, if you thought that this is just another pfp project, you are wrong - after the launch, we will start full-scale work on creating the best marketplace for NFTs made on Solana. Therefore, each holder of SolBusters will have some exclusive perks in the ecosystem of this marketplace.

How many traits are used on SolBusters collection? ROW

Over 270.

Do you have a rarity system? ROW

Yes, there are three different guilds with 2 genders for each: CyberArchangels, CyberHumans, CyberDemons.

Where I can read the full story behind the collection? Like a Lore ROW

Enjoy reading at

When is the sale? ROW

TBA. But we hope that it will be at the first part of October.

What's the mint price of 1 SolBuster? ROW

1.5 SOL + fees (at the presale)
2 SOL + fees (at the public mint)

Which wallet should we use? ROW

Phantom wallet on computer or Sollet on mobile.

Are there royalties? ROW

Yes, 4% to community wallet and 1% to the team.


As a bunch of NFT enthusiasts, our aim is to enrich the growing NFT ecosystem with our collection: Solbusters!


Chief Executive Officer

Extremely experienced developer, especially in smart contracts. Specifically passionate about DeFi and NFTs.


Chief Marketing Officer

Working with marketing from 2010. Affiliate marketing, NFT marketing, crypto, Defi… This guy has big experience!



Exceptionally talented engineer who is experienced in backend. NFT collectibles enthusiast.


Chief Design Officer

A passionate artist with over 7 years of experience in art.

Art creation process